Dr. S. Sudha



  • B.E.(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • M.E.(Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Ph.D. (Computer Networks)


  • 20 years

Areas of Interest

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Information Extraction
  • Web Services

Title of the Ph.D. thesis

    Enhanced marking strategies for bandwidth fairness in Differentiated Service Network

Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?hl=en&authorid=15619496253546216763&user=5HGcRnQAAAAJ

Publications in Journal

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Publications in International Conferences

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Projects supervised

  • Both U.G. and P.G. projects in the area of computers

Professional Membership

Life member of C.S.I and  I.S.T.E.


  1. “Vehicle Parking Guidance System Using Sensors”, Sponsoring Agency: Centre of Excellence in Transportation Engineering, Role: Investigator, Amount: 1lakh, from     2015-11-04 to 2016-11-03, Status: Completed.
  2. Integrated Knowledge Portal for Engineering (FB), Sponsoring Agency: Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Tiruchirappalli, Role: Co-Investigator, Amount: 16.58 lakh, 2014-09-21 to 2017-06-25, Status: Completed.
  3. Smart Maximum Demand Control Through Modern Algorithms, Sponsoring Agency: Central Workshop Southern Railways, Tiruchirappalli, Role: Co-Investigator, Amount: 1.00 lakh, from 2013-06-14 to 2015-03-02, Status: Completed.


1. A two day workshop on C++ programming for PG students under TEQIP-Tribal Development  on 30th November & 1st December, 2006.

2   A two day workshop on Personality Development for UG students under TEQIP-Tribal Development on 19th & 20th January 2007.

3   A two day workshop on Microprocessor, Micro-controller and their applications for Final year students and Teachers of Polytechnic

     Colleges under TEQIP-Community Service on14th & 15th December 2007.

4   Workshop co-ordinator for the two week ISTE Workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies conducted by IIT Bombay, Mumbai

     during 25th June- 4th July, 2012.

7   One-day Seminar on Support Vector Machine and its Applications under self support on 8th June 2012.

8   Two day Workshop on Technical paper preparation using Latex software under self Support on  19th and 20th  June 2012.

9   A five day Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and its Applications under TEQIP-II during 12th- 16th May 2014.

10  One day Workshop on Wireless Sensor Network- Hardware and Software under TEQIP-II on 12th August 2014.

11. Workshop on IoT using Arduino under self-financing during 13th - 14th November 2015

12.  Workshop on Wireless Sensor  Networks-Design and Deployment under self-financing during 26th - 30th December 2017

Training Programmes Underwent

Undergone one month Training at Communication & Internet Research Lab and Network lab, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore in the year 2007.

Contact Address

No.13, 10th cross, Ayyannar Koil Street,

Amman Nagar East Extn., Kattur,

Tiruchirappalli - 620 015

email: sudha@nitt.edu
Mob.: 9443329313