Dr. Chandramani Chaudhary

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering 

E-mail: chandramani@nitt.edu


Research Interests

  • Multimedia Retrieval
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Information Retrieval
  • Image Processing


Academic Qualification

  • PhD: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Thesis: Improving Image Retrieval for Complex Queries by Leveraging Internal and External Resources

  • M Tech: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India, Department of Computer Engineering.

            Dissertation:  An attempt to improve the performance of B+ tree indexing for Dataspace. 

  • B Tech: JNTU Hyderabad in Computer Science and Engineering



  1.  Chandramani Chaudhary, Poonam Goyal, Dhanashree Nellayi Prasad, and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, "Enhancing the Quality of Image Tagging Using a  Visio-Textual Knowledge Base", in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM) 2020, 22(4) pp 897-911, DOI: 10.1109/TMM. 2019.2937181
  2. Chandramani Chaudhary, Poonam Goyal, Navneet Goyal, and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, "Image Retrieval for Complex Queries Using Knowledge Embedding", in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications \& Applications (TOMM) 2020, 16(1) 1-23
  3. Chandramani Chaudhary, Poonam Goyal, Siddhant Tuli, Shuchita Banthia, Navneet Goyal, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, "A novel multimodal clustering framework for images with diverse associated text", in Multimedia Tools and Applications, DOI: 10.1007/s11042-018-7131-x, 2019.
  4. Chandramani Chaudhary, Poonam Goyal, Joel Ruben Antony Moniz, Navneet Goyal, and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, "Linguistic Patterns and Cross Modality-based Image Retrieval for Complex Queries", in Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, Yokohama(Japan), 257-265, 2018.
  5. Chandramani Chaudhary}, Poonam Goyal, and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, "Exploiting visual and textual neighborhood information to improve image-tag relevance", in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Boston(USA), 566-575, 2017.


Research and Work Experience

  •  Research Scientist, CADS Laboratory, IIT Bombay, India. Project Title: Architecting Intelligent Dependable Cyber Physical Systems Targeting IoT and Mobile Big Data Analysis Collaborative Institutes: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India and The University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Tokyo, Japan


Professional Service

  •   Active reviewer of ACM International Conference on Multimedia, IEEE Transaction on knowledge and Data engineering.