Thesis and Project Guidance

List of PhD/MS Thesis Guidance

  • 1. Mrs. K. Chithira, “Ultimate Load Behaviour of Circular CFT Columns with and without Shear Connectors.” Ph.D., Completed, 2012.
  • 2. Mr. K. Senthil Kumar, “Effective Utilization of E-Waste Plastics in Structural Concrete”, Ph.D., On going.
  • 3. Mr. Cyril Thomas, Damage Assessment of Bridge Girders Using Dynamic Response and Image Processing Techniques”, Ph.D., Ongoing.
  • 4. Ms. Radhika, K.S., “Influence of Mineral Admixures on Bond Stress Characteristics of Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns”, MS, Completed, 2013.
  • 5. Mr. Harikrishna, T., “Non-linear Behavior of Boiler Supporting Structure Designed with Circular CFT Columns and Steel Beams”, M.S, Ongoing.
  • M. Tech Project Guidance

    Sl. No Batch Students Project Area/Title
    1 2007-2008 Ramesh, P Seismic Evaluation of RC Framed Structure Before and after retrofitting
    2 2007-2008 Sasikala, M Influence of flange stiffness and web imperfection on plate girder behaviour
    3 2008-2009 Rahmathinnisa, M A study on behaviour of semi-rigid road safety barrier under Indian load conditions
    4 2008-2009 Sakthivel, V Behaviour of Concrete Filled Tubes under Axial Loading
    5 2009-2010 Velmurugan Behaviour of Concrete Filled Tubes under Axial Loading
    6 2009-2010 Sureshkannan Shear-Bond Characteristics (m-k) of Composite Slab made using Cold-formed Steel Sheets with Perforated Longitudinal Stiffeners,
    7 2009-2010 Mohammed Hashim Dynamic response of multi legged tower
    8 2009-2010 Madhavi, N Skewed bridge – Analytical Model
    9 2010-2011 Priya, S Frame with Plate girder (TF) subjected to lateral loads
    10 2010-2011 Bathrudeen Syed Ishak Seismic strengthening using shear link
    11 2010-2011 Ramakrishnan, S Damage Assessment using dynamic response
    12 2010-2011 Sathiyaseelan, S Thin plate subject to combined effect of axial tension and shear
    13 2010-2012 Somasundaram, S Construction of response spectrum for eccentrically loaded single mass structure
    14 2010-2012 Rajendraprasad, K Hyperbolic cooling tower during construction stage
    15 2010-2012 Merin Sebastian Aluminium shear wall
    16 2010-2012 Supriya Water tank under sloshing effect
    17 2011-2013 Yasir, V.P. Skewed Bridge - Experiment
    18 2011-2013 Resmi, G Damage Assessment using dynamic response
    19 2011-2013 Jeyashree, T.M. Reliability study on RC Members
    20 2011-2013 Dhanya, J. Skewed bridge – FEM Model
    21 2011-2013 Muthukumar, S. Horizontally curved plate girder
    22 2012-2014 Honey Verma On going
    23 2012-2014 Siddhartha Kushwaga On going
    24 2012-2014 Nitin Anand T On going
    25 2012-2014 Hardik Mandwe On going