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Dr. R. Karvembu
Associate Dean,
Associate Professor/Chemistry 
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Staff Advisor

Shri. K. Pradeep
Technical Officer/CSG
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Members of Webteam, NITT

Present Members

Kousik Satish Formula: 2
Gokul Srinivas Formula: 3
Ganesh Ragavendran Formula: 4
Sam Radhakrishnan Formula: 5
Sujith Rengan Formula: 6
Sathiya Narayana Formula: 7
Harshavardhan Formula: 8
Rizwan Formula: 9
Tushar Formula: 10
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Point of contact for website related queries for your department

Note : Please cc all mails to delta@nitt.edu. As per instructions, no changes in the website will be initiated without an official email at delta@nitt.edu . Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Department Name NIT-T Email Alternative Email Cell
ARCHITECTURE Venkatraman 106115099@nitt.edu venkat24@outlook.com 9962535961
  Chandana 106114018@nitt.edu sshchandana.bitra@gmail.com 9701338991
CECASE Kartik Venkatraman 106115038@nitt.edu venkatramankartik27@gmail.com 8098195850
CHEMICAL Santhanam 106115078@nitt.edu santhanam1997@gmail.com 9952918850
  Malavika 106114050@nitt.edu malu.srikanth@gmail.com 9566702345
CHEMISTRY Dwarithaa 110115075@nitt.edu ram.dwari13@gmail.com 9551796403
CIVIL Sudharshan 107115094@nitt.edu stsudharshan@gmail.com 9445934608
COMPUTER SCIENCE Deep Bhattacharyya 106115021@nitt.edu bhattacharyya.rick14@gmail.com 9047142795
  Venkkatesh Sekar 106114104@nitt.edu venkythesupersaiyan@gmail.com 9751182870
COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Arvind Krishna 106115071@nitt.edu arvindborn2win@gmail.com 9445217542
DEE/CEESAT Rakesh 106115092@nitt.edu rakesh.blyton@gmail.com 8940002325
  Shravan 111114089@nitt.edu shravanmurali@gmail.com 9791677881
EEE Ravikiran 107115076@nitt.edu raviramesh.kiran97@gmail.com 8056586774
  Bharathwaj 107114042@nitt.edu ksbharathwaj17@gmail.com 9629458560
ECE Arut Selvan 108115015@nitt.edu arutselvan710@gmail.com 9488785605
  Apurva 108114013@nitt.edu apuurva97@gmail.com 9952093702
HUMANITIES Ajay Nataraj 106115007@nitt.edu ajaynataraj26121997@gmail.com 8903102348
  Shilpa 106114087@nitt.edu shilpasweth@gmail.com 9994696096
ICE Vishnu 110115099@nitt.edu seawishnew@gmail.com 9790482162
  Kartik Venkatraman 106115038@nitt.edu venkatramankartik27@gmail.com 8098195850
  Rahul 110114070@nitt.edu rahulzoldyck@gmail.com 9952903767
DOMS Kunaal 106115044@nitt.edu kunparekh18@gmail.com 8695668988
MATHEMATICS Yashwanth 114115100@nitt.edu ryr397@gmail.com 9445963974
  Sriram 107114080@nitt.edu grksriram321@gmail.com 8939748069
MECHANICAL Anirudh Sundar 111115011@nitt.edu anirudhsundar@hotmail.com 9566055576
  Revanth M 111114075@nitt.edu 7revanth47@gmail.com 8344881425
METALLURGY Shubham Dighe 106115082@nitt.edu digsblogger@gmail.com 9043721441
  Anirudh 106114058@nitt.edu anirudh.jan97@gmail.com 8939257836
PHYSICS Varunram 114115094@nitt.edu vrg2009@ymail.com 8754717433
  Koushik Sambamoorthy 108114042@nitt.edu kaushik.s02@gmail.com 9566137434
PRODUCTION Sanjana 114115029@nitt.edu sanjana22021998@gmail.com 9444665319
  Soorya 106114036@nitt.edu 106114036@nitt.edu 9944451831

Note : Please cc all mails to Formula: 13

If you don't get a satisfactory reply within 48 hours of sending an email to the above, please contact

Homepage/General Kousik Satish 106113051@nitt.edu kousiksatish@gmail.com 8122224157
  Gokul Srinivas 106113097@nitt.edu gokul@pragyan.org 9003037906


Central Webteam Alumni

* These members constitute the central webteam, responsible for improving & updating the contents on the web. They coordinate the department webteams to improve & come up with better content & look & feel. Integral part of the delta force are the department webteams whose responsiblility is to maintain their respective department webpages. The list of the department webteam can be found in their respective department webpages.