Campus Library Services

A Core Task Team has been constituted for providing Campus Library Services round the clock for students and faculty with reference to the Office order of the Director Ref: No. NITT/DO/2014 dated 08.05.2014, with the following members:

1. Dr. J.Sarangan, Professor, Mechanical Engineering – Chairman
2. Chief of works or his representative
3. Dr. A. Ramakalyan, Associate Professor, ICED
4. Dr.J. Hemathalatha, Associate Professor, Physics
5. Dr.S.Jerome, Hostel Convener
6. Dr.Sishaj P.Simon, Assistant Professor, EEE
7. Dr.K.R. Balasubramanian, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
8. Dr.V. Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor, Production Engineering
9. Dr.K.N. Sheeba, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

In addition, this team will take over the functions of Library Advisory Committee, existing currently. The Officiating Librarian and team will report to Chairman, Core Task Team – Campus Library Services (CLS.) The committee report to Dean (Academic Programme).


1. Extension Libraries are to be setup at hostel Zones for Boys & Girls for round the clock reference

a. Man power (Round the Clock)
PG HOSTEL - 4 Trainees / Helpers
UG HOSTEL - 4 Trainees / Helpers
GIRLS HOSTEL - 4 Trainees / Helpers

Three LIS Graduate Trainees for Campus Library Services may be appointed separately. Security to be provided round the clock.

b. Budget: For purchasing Text Books – Rs. 20 lakhs (Approx.)

c. Separate Space for keeping books

d. Furniture to be purchased – Rs. 15 lakhs budget

Quotations to be procured and the process can be initiated without waiting for
Dr. S. Jerome, Hostel convenor, is requested to Co-ordinate this activity.

2. Multiple copies of Reference and Text Books indicated in the academic curriculum have to be procured for use by students.
Budget - Rs. 15 lakhs (Approx.)

Dr. Sishaj P. Simon, Asst. Prof., EEED is requested to Co-ordinate this activity.

3. Special sections are required for helping students performing below average. Multiple reading rooms have to be created, subscribing to News papers in English and other regional languages. Procurement of News Direct Package initiated and to be followed up. Library will provide space for special sections / discussions, mock tests / examinations. But HODs are requested to arrange for staff / student volunteers for coaching and suitable timings can be allotted.
Dr. J. HEMALATHA, Asso. Prof., Physics is requested to Co-ordinate this work.

4. Books pertaining to Personality and Leadership development, communication and Fictions in different languages are to be organized in such a way that students are encouraged to use them. Books are available in separate room in Second Floor of the Central Library.
Dr. K.N. Sheeba, Asst. Prof., Chemical Engg. is requested to suggest and co-ordinate organization in such a way that students are encouraged to use them.

5. Complete Library Complex has to be Air-cinditioned and provided with Wi-Fi facilities.
Director’s Approval for Centralized AC facility dated 10, July 2013 – Communication has been sent to Chief of Works Chief of Works is requested to expedite.

Wi-Fi facility is already available in the Central Library with the capacity of accessibility up to 600 meters and bandwidth 2.4. GH. Head, CSG is requested to suggest further development of this facility.

Separate High end Linux Server exclusively for Libsys – Library Software procurement is being taken up at present.

6. Outsourcing of man power through agency may be resorted to, if required.

10 nos. of Library Science graduate Trainees have been requested on 27.05.2014 for regular Library works. Additional Security staff also has been requested, on July 3rd 2013 with present task need additional staff/ outsourcing to be planned .
Dr. A. Ramakalyan, Asso.Prof. ICED is requested to look into expedite this task

7. Archive Library may be created for storing documents pertaining to administration, academic and other institute oriented documents.
Dr. V. Senthilkumar, Asst. Prof., PED is requested to initiate and organize this.

8. Tablet or similar computers may be procured in sufficient numbers and for issue to the users of the Library when they are within the Library complex.
It is suggested to procure 50 nos. at NITT Rate Contract.
Action will be initiated for approval by Officiating Librarian.

9. Organizing Tea/Coffee/Refreshment.
Dean (I&D) to be requested for providing the service including Stall with umbrella type of seats.

10. Regular Newsletters at regular intervals may be brought out.
Faculty Advisors for Feeds, Dr. V. Satyaraj, Humanities Dept. and Dr. V. Vinod Balakrishnan, Humanities Dept. shall be asked to guide. Dr. P. Mounissamy, Technical Asst. (S.G.), Central Library shall contact and initiate action.

11. Studio Learning Centre, High speed scanning centre etc. are to be created in the Library complex.
Dr. K.R. Balasubramanian, Asst. Prof., Mech. Dept. to initiate and suggest creation and modernization of existing facilities.

All the stack holders / students / faculty / staff & others are requested to offer their valuable suggestions / services to the respective Core Task Team members.