Boys Hostel Room Allotment

Opal A Hostel Room Allotment

Opal C (East) Hostel Room Allotment

Opal C (West) Hostel Room Allotment

Opal D Hostel Room Allotment

Opal E Hostel Room Allotment

There are 18 boys' and 5 girls' hostels. Together they accommodate 5320 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Two more hostels (2 for boys) are under construction. Once completed they will be able to accommodate 5850 students.
Committees consisting of elected student representatives and Wardens manage them.

Opal AOpal BOpal C  
Girls Hostels (Opal A, B, & C)

First Year UG Boys Hostels (Agate, Diamond, & Corel)


Beryl Emerald Pearl  
Boys Hostels (Beryl, Emerald, & Pearl)


Ruby Sapphire Topaz  
Boys Hostels (Ruby, Sapphire, & Topaz)

Each hostel is managed by a Warden. The first year UG boys' hostels have two resident deputy wardens, while the girls' hostel has three resident deputy wardens. The Hostel Executive Committee headed by the Convener and the DCW coordinates the work among wardens and deputy wardens.

Jade & Lapis

Each hostel was provided with a television, two DOT telephones, intercom(s), aquaguard, water cooler and kit for indoor games and outdoor games. The Hostel office consisting of Hostel Manager, one Senior Superintendent and supporting staff looks after the day-to-day operations


New Hostels

The institute is in the process of extending its infrastructure as the student intake has increased over the years. Garnet A, B & C and Zircon A, B & C are newly constructed double seater hostel. Each of these hostels has three blocks A, B & C each with a capacity of 120 rooms to accommodate 240 students in each of these hostels. Amber A & B, Aquamarine A, and Opal D (for Girls) are double seater hostels with a capacity of 165 rooms to accommodate 330 students in each of these hostels.

Apart from this Aquamarine B, Research Scholars Hostel (for Boys) and Opal E (for Girls) are under construction.

Garnet A Garnet C Zircon C  
Boys Hostels (Garnet A & B, Garnet C, & Washing Area in one of the Hostels)

Zircon A&B, Zircon C

Cycle Parking

Aquamarine A

Hostel Details


Sl. No Name of Hostels Seating Rooms Capacity
First Year UG Hostels
01 Agate Four Seater 77 308
02 Coral Four Seater 58 232
03 Diamond Four Seater 58 232
04 Beryl (Occupied by IIMT) Single Seater 192 192
05 Jade Triple Seater 60 180
UG Hostels
06 Garnet-A Double Seater 120 240
07 Garnet-B Double Seater 120 240
08 Garnet-C Double Seater 120 240
09 Zircon A Double Seater 120 240
10 Zircon B Double Seater 120 240
11 Zircon C Double Seater 120 240
12 Amber-A Double Seater 165 330
13 Amber-B Double Seater 165 330
PG Hostels
14 Emerald Single Seater 126 126
15 Lapis Single Seater 126 126
16 Pearl Single Seater 126 126
17 Ruby Single Seater 126 126
18 Sapphire Single Seater 126 126
19 Topaz Single Seater 126 126
20 Aquamarine A Double Seater 165 330
21 Aquamarine B Double Seater 165 330
Research Scholars Hostel
22 JASPER Research Scholars Hostel Single Seater 200 200
Girls Hostels
23 Opal-A (Girls) Single Seater (80) 
Three Seater (45)
125 215
24 Opal-B (Girls) Single Seater 78 78
25 Opal-C (Girls) Triple Seater 120 360
26 Opal-D (Girls) Double Seater 165 330
27 Opal E (Girls) Single Seater 200 200
. . Total 3469 5850